My name is Arthur Rosa. I’m an engineering manager based in the heart of Silicon Valley. I thrive when I’m working on large-scale projects that challenge me to come up with novel solutions.

I’m passionate about photography. You can check out some of my photos in my photo portfolio at I also yap about photography every other week on my podcast Sensor Noise.

I’m a huge proponent of self hosting. I have my own in-home datacenter where I host all sorts of services for my family and friends. Even’s CMS is hosted there! Currently, my services are running in a high availability cluster across two dual-socket Xeon scalable servers powered by Proxmox. I use Synology for my network storage and SAN system, because while I like self hosting, I don’t trust myself to not obliterate my data by deleting a RAID configuration accidentally. 💣.

I also dabble in ham radio. You can find me on the air (HF and above) as WQ6E, based in northern California. I’m an extra class operator so I’ll be all over the spectrum. I primarily use an ICOM-7300 with an all-band antenna for home use since I’m space constrained, and an ICOM ID-50 for mobile VHF/UHF operation.

I got my start in technology through FIRST® Robotics. While I don’t currently mentor a team I continue to give back to the community by hosting and maintaining GATool which is used by FRC game announcers to keep the energy going at FRC competitions around the world.

Feel free to get in touch with me by pinging me on Mastodon @[email protected] or shooting me an email at [email protected].