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Enabling PCIe Bifurcation on a Supermicro X11DPU Motherboard

Recently I picked up a used 2U Supermicro SuperServer 6029U-E1CR4 to add capacity and capability to my home datacenter. This server is powered by an X11DPU motherboard. A brief aside: we’re in a bit of a sweet spot right now where first and second generation Xeon Scalable platforms are seemingly getting dumped in massive numbers by The Enterprise onto the second hand market. For reference, both of my machines are running 2x Xeon Gold 6132 processors, each with 14 cores (hyperthreaded to 28).…
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A Fresh Start

For a while now I’ve wanted to set up somewhere I can put longer thoughts that feels like a truly fresh start. I’ve been writing things on the web for quite a while at this point, and every time I move to a new technology or a new website I carry the baggage of all of my old content with me. The pack rat in me demands it; I have to keep an archive of everything I’ve ever produced1.…
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